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Report: Australian consumers arent loyal to brands

Report: Australian consumers aren’t loyal to brands New research reveals brand loyalty eroded by price sensitivity Australian consumers don’t care about brand loyalty when shopping, and price is the main factor driving it, according to a new local marketing report.   Salmat’s 2018 Marketing Report compares consumers’ shopping habits with the perceptions and practices of marketers. It found customer loyalty continues to be a challenge for marketers in Australia, and to maintain brand loyalty, marketers must focus on value and quality. The report reveals nearly one-fifth of Australians are loyal to only one or two specific brands and two in five consumers buy the products they need without taking much notice of the brand. The findings show consumers are increasingly price sensitive, meaning price is a bigger influencer of purchase decisions than brand loyalty. Sixty five per cent of respondents agreed they like to try new products if they're on sale, or if they receive a discount or points for purchasing. Following competitive pricing, consumers said quality of the products (80 per cent) and customer service (76 per cent) are the the most important brand attributes to maintain loyalty.  Positive online reviews (61 per cent) and free trials, samples and discounts (48 per cent) were also rated as important factors for maintaining brand loyalty. “Winning customer loyalty is almost impossible to do today. Instead, the opportunity for marketers is to focus on ensuring they are getting the best price for their products in front of consumers via the right channel,” according to Salmat head of sales and client engagement, Andrew Lane.

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